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Download PDF by Miriam Lichtheim: Ancient Egyptian Literature: Volume I: The Old and Middle

By Miriam Lichtheim

ISBN-10: 0520028996

ISBN-13: 9780520028999

Chronologically prepared translations of historic Egyptian writings shed gentle upon the advance of various literary types. Bibliogs.

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Yet in this context the narrower meanin "islands" appears suitable. , 0 waters brought by Shu, WhIch the twin springs raised In which Geb has bathed his iimbs So ~hat hearts lost fear, hearts lost dread. t Pepi was born in Nun Before there was sky, Before there was earth , Before there were mountains 2 Before there was strife, ' Before fear came about through the Horus E yeo S P .. epi IS one of that great group born aforetime in On • Who are not carried off for a king, ' Who are not brought before magistrates Who are not made to suffer ' Who are not found guilty.

Do not trespass-you will be turned back Keen is the face to him who enters announced Spacious the seat of him who has been called. P" If. rust~d man who does not vent hi~ belly's speech, He WIll himself become a leader. A man of means-what is he like? (2fO) Your name is good, you are not maligned ' Your bo~y is sleek, your face benign,28 One praises you without your knowing. Ive your advice in your master's council. " As to the master, his affa irs will fail THE OLD KINGDOM ANCIENT EGYPTIAN LITERATURE 68 It embroils fathers, mothers, And the brothers of the mother It parts wife from husband; , It is a cornpoundss of all evils, A bundle of all hateful th ings.

As ill will comes from opposition So goodwill increases love. 7. 10) Be his aid before the people; If you let his knowledge impress his lord Your sustenance will come from his ka ' As the favorite's belly is filled, . So yo~r back will be clothed by it, And hIS help will be there to sustain you. For your superior whom you love And who lives by it, He in turn will give you good support Thus will love of you endure . In t~e bellyt 7 of those who love you, He IS a ka who loves to listen. =: 28. (415 I~, I) If you are a magistrate of standing, Commissioned to satisfy the many "Hew strai ' ew a straight line.

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Ancient Egyptian Literature: Volume I: The Old and Middle Kingdoms (Ancient Egyptian Literature, a Book of Readings) by Miriam Lichtheim

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