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Download e-book for kindle: An Edible History of Humanity by Tom Standage

By Tom Standage

ISBN-10: 0802719821

ISBN-13: 9780802719829

Greater than easily sustenance, foodstuff traditionally has been one of those know-how, altering the process human development by way of supporting to construct empires, advertise industrialization, and choose the results of wars. Tom Standage attracts on archaeology, anthropology, and economics to bare how meals has contributed to shaping and rework societies around the globe, from the emergence of farming in China by way of 7500 b.c. to using sugar cane and corn to make ethanol this present day. An suitable for eating historical past of Humanity is an absolutely fulfilling account of human history.

Economist company editor Tom Standage doesn't write traditional books approximately traditional matters. His shock bestseller A background of the realm in 6 Glasses explored the unusually influential position that part a dozen drinks performed in human background. An fit for human consumption historical past of Humanity maintains that movable dinner party with a jaunty account of ways foodstuff has formed and reworked societies from the far-off prior to our personal instances. To make his issues, Standage faucets a number of fields, together with genetics, archaeology, anthropology, economics, and army historical past. A stimulating read.

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