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America’s Impact on the World: A Study of the Role of the by William Woodruff PDF

By William Woodruff

ISBN-10: 1349020656

ISBN-13: 9781349020652

ISBN-10: 1349020672

ISBN-13: 9781349020676

E-book by way of Woodruff, William

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Because the Alaskan Purchase was seen by some Canadians as the first step in the conquest of Canadian territory, it hastened Canadian confederation which came in the same year (1867). According to one author,' ... 16 The voluntary retreat of the Russians, and the collapse in Mexico (also in 1867) of French efforts to recreate an American empire (under Maximilian of Habsburg, younger brother of the Austrian emperor, Franz Joseph, and protege of Napoleon III of France), finally ended European ambitions in the North American continent.

While the northern victory brought no panacea to America, at least Lincoln's major war aim had been achieved: unity had been preserved. It was an outcome that would affect the whole western world. Had the principle of unity been lost, America could never have intervened as it did in two World Wars. In addition the triumph of northern industrial and financial capitalism was assured. For the prostrate south and its plantocracy, there remained debt and ruin. Cotton cultivation, so important for its life, and on which the south had pinned such vain hopes, now stagnated for more than a decade; the crop of 1859-60 was not equalled until1875-6.

Plump and rosy'; enter the Gothic American woman determined to make the mining towns of the Far West 'a place fit to bring up children'. Towns with names like 'Gouge Eye', 'Two Bit Gulch', 'Brandy City', 'Whiskey Digging', 'Deathball Creek', 'Hell's Delight', and 'Poverty Bar', would die and be forgotten 'in the lonely places of the West'; their whitening bones would one day remind later generations of a mining frontier of scattered settlements that in the second half of the nineteenth century had swept across and helped to settle the Far West.

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America’s Impact on the World: A Study of the Role of the United States in the World Economy, 1750–1970 by William Woodruff

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