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New PDF release: Albatros scouts described

By Charles Schaedel

Kookaburra Technical handbook. sequence 2, no.1: Albatros scouts defined КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Название: Kookaburra Technical handbook. sequence 2, no.1: Albatros scouts describedАвтор: Charles SchaedelИздательство: Kookaburra Technical PublicationsГод: 1971Страниц: 28Формат: PDF в RARРазмер: 14.95МБЯзык: английскийProfusely illustrated with b&w pictures, technical drawings, profiles.Скачать: DepositfilesUploading Hotfile zero

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I. Stobaeus, Anthologium) (henceforth Stob. I 36 p. 43,15–46,2) In Rhetoric, he mentions that among the subjects concerning which public men should be informed is that of the public revenues. Both the sources and the amount of the receipts should be known, in order that nothing may be omitted and any branch that is insufficient may be increased. In addition to this, expenditures should be studied so that unnecessary items may be eliminated; because people become wealthier not only by adding to what they have, but also by cutting down their outlay (Aristotle, Rhetoric I 4, 1359 b21–23).

67 Natali (1995, p. 97). 68 Descat (1988, p. 107). 62 2 The Tradition of Economic Thought in the Mediterranean World… 25 the division of spoils [Polybius, Histories II 2, 9; IV 86, 4; V 16, 5; X 17, 6; CC 9, 5]. Elsewhere, oikonomia refers to the general handling of political affairs in a polis or region, of alliances, of religious festivals [Polybius, Histories, I 4, 3; I 8, 3; IV 26, 7; IV 67, 9; V 39, 6; V 40, 4; VI 26, 5; XIII 3, 8; CCII 12, 8; CCCII 7, 5; XXVII 1, 11; XXXVIII 11, 5]. ” There is some evidence in Strabo and Polybius.

As far as the qualities of oikonomikos and chrematistikos are concerned, Stoics appear to have considered with attention what was implied by the use of these adjectives (Stob. II, VII, 11d, p. 95, 9–23). In Arius Didymus’ anthology cited by Stobaeus (II, VII, 11m, pp. 109, 10–110, 8 = SVF III 686), we find that the wise man can gain from teaching. We view a different context of chrematistics than the Stoics which also differs from Aristotle’s ideas. The Stoics studied the phenomenon of value when they discussed the ethical subject of indifference.

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Albatros scouts described by Charles Schaedel

by Charles

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