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O'Meagher, Bert's Aids to Survival PDF

By O'Meagher, Bert

ISBN-10: 0646363034

ISBN-13: 9780646363035

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Generally bush food is tough, fibrous, unpalatable, and to some, even nauseating; nevertheless it is food. THE FOOD PREFERENTIAL Most people when forced to live off the land will find it easier to try to eat food that reminds them of their normal diet at home. For this reason it is handy to know that our food preferences can be divided into three classes. These are – 1st Class marsupials - birds – fish – fowl 2nd Class reptiles 3rd Class vegetation - grubs – insects 32 AIDS TO SURVIVAL Animals and Reptiles The presence of any animal or bird life in an area is evident by tracks, droppings and traces of fur or feathers.

The Marron Snare A traditional method of catching marron is to tie a small piece of meat to a length of cord or fishing line and throw it a metre or two into the water. In clear water you will see the marron coming to the meat. Once they take the meat they will hang on stubbornly and can be drawn to the edge of the water and lifted out onto the bank. They can also be caught by using a pole with a running loop of snare wire tied to the end and placing it over the marron from behind and dragging them out of the water.

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Aids to Survival by O'Meagher, Bert

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