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Read e-book online Agricultural biotechnology : country case studies : a decade PDF

By Gabrielle J Persley, L R MacIntyre

ISBN-10: 0851997066

ISBN-13: 9780851997063

Following on from prior titles during this sequence, this quantity provides extra fabric generated by way of the realm Bank/ISNAR/Australian executive biotechnology research. It covers the current prestige and destiny clients for the appliance of biotechnology to unravel agricultural and environmental difficulties in a few constructing international locations. specific concentration is given directly to advancements that experience taken position over the past decade.

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Similar phanerogamic communities of poikilohydrous Scrophulariaceae have been found in savannah regions of Africa (Fischer 1992). C. plantagineum, C. hirsutum, C. lanceolntum, and Lindernia philcoxii together with Riccia and Cyperaceae form a characteristic community (Craterostigmetum nanolanceolati) on lateritic crusts in Zaire (Lebrun 1947). Particularly remarkable are poikilohydrous aquatic Lindernia species (L. linearifolia, L. monroi, L. conferta) and Chamaegigas (Lindernia) intrepidus (Heil 1925, Hickel 1967, Gaff and Giess 1986) that Figure 1 Two very different examples of poikilohydrous autotrophs co-occurring on a shallow depression of a granite outcrop near Armadale, western Australia: the monocotyledonous plant Borq'u nitidu (center) and the fruticose lichen Siphula sp.

Wt. 38-78 wk air-dry 24-56 wk P205 8- 10 hr until equilibrium Lange 1953 40 hr 40 hr Until equilibrium 40 hr 40 hr 239 d <5 d 8 mo Dircksen 1964 Dircksen 1964 Hosokawa & Kubota 1957 Dircksen 1964 Dircksen 1964 Dilks and Proctor 1974 Wagner and Titus 1984 Dinter 1921 (s. Hellwege et al. 1994) Jovet-Ast 1961 Pseudocyphellaria dissimilis 45-65% rh Bryophytes Ctenidium molluscum Dicranum scoparium Epiphytic mosses (14 species) Fissidens cristatus Mnium punctatum Rhacomitrium lanuginosum Sphagnum sp.

Reduction of evaporative water loss by structural traits such as a tomentum on the upper surface (Snelgar and Green 198l), a thick cortex (Larson 1979, Biidel 1990), or a decreased surfaceholume ratio is very limited in open habitats, but can be significant in sheltered or humid places or in areas with frequently overcast skies (Kappen 1988) or under the influence of drip water 100 80 60 40 20 0 1 I I I I I I I 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 (4 hours 600 400 200 0 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 0 (b) 20 40 60 80 100 Water saturation deficit (%) Figure 4 (a) Water loss from leaves of Rumondu myconi in air (approximately 50% rh) with hairs and after hairs were removed before the experiment.

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Agricultural biotechnology : country case studies : a decade of development by Gabrielle J Persley, L R MacIntyre

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