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AG05 - F-111EF Aardvark КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Автор : W.Peeters Название : AG05 - F-111EF Aardvark Издательство : Verlinden PublishingГод : 1989 Формат : pdf,rar+3%Размер : 11.3Mb Язык : английскийСтраниц : four hundred

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On July 9, a circular letter was again distributed, this one announcing 21 A History of Russian Christianity, Vol. IV that the Regional Council was scheduled to begin August 15, on the Holiday of the Assumption of the Theotokos. Just two days before the start of the Regional Council, Archbishop Tikhon Belavin was ordained as Metr. of Moscow to replace the dismissed Makari, while Venyamin Kazanski was ordained Metr. of Petrograd to replace the dismissed Pitirim. During the course of the preparatory meetings of the ROC Regional Council, the Provisional Government issued two edicts of immense impact on the ROC.

Considerable time at the second session was spent on two points dealing with dioceses and parishes: one was their governance and the second was their improvement. The council ignored the edicts of the Soviets regarding the ROC in their entirety and proceeded as if nothing had changed since the era of the Provisional Government. The amount of energy spent on these issues was hardly appropriate with only 24 bishops present. ” Candidates for the episcopacy were to be monastic and at least 35 years old, or widowed priests who had decided to be tonsured as monks.

In 1937, a poll showed that about 57% of the respondents admitted Christian faith and participated in some sort of Christian rites, all accomplished underground. The sectarians and Protestants were considered non-pretentious and laws issued against religious organizations either did not affect them or were not enforced. ) It was not until the Red Terror began in 1932 that the Soviet state began the persecution of Protestants and the sectarians. 167. RUSSIAN ORTHODOXY AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SOVIET ERA At the beginning of revolutionary upheavals in March 1917, the ROC was in a state of deep inner crisis.

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