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Download e-book for iPad: A Tajik Persian Reference Grammar by John R. Perry

By John R. Perry

ISBN-10: 9004143238

ISBN-13: 9789004143234

This is often the 1st complete reference grammar of Tajik, the Persian of critical Asia, to seem in English. It describes the fashionable literary language, with examples of colloquial and dialect utilization, from the early Soviet interval (1920s) up until eventually Tajikistan's independence after 2001. Grammatical examples, taken from various literary resources, are given in either the Cyrillic and Perso-Arabic scripts. whole verb paradigms, a grammatical index, and parallel word-indexes in either writing platforms make it effortless to discover specific issues. crucial for the Iranologist and comparative linguist, for the the scholar or instructor of Tajik Persian, and a precious complement in case you paintings with Persian of Iran or Afghanistan. With broad indexes.

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The confusion here arises additionally from the disregard of vowel length and the reduction of geminate /yy/ to /y/ in Tajik speech; these words would be more clearly disambiguated 42 CHAPTER ONE in the Tajik Latin alphabet, as majit, sajid and said respectively. To represent syllable-initial /yi-/ within a word, и is preceded not by й but by the Soft sign, к тағьир /tagyir/ 'change' (cf. 10, Soft sign)—except in three cases: (1) Before a personal ending on Stem I of giristanl giry- 'to weep': гирйем /giryem/ ~ » >j ^ 'let us weep', as distinct from гирем f->j \ ^ /girem/ 'let us get'; morphologically, the word is giry-em.

13). Exceptionally, the geminate form ҷинн is also found, perhaps in contradistinction to its homonym, the modern loanword ҷинуш '(cotton) gin'. The wordҳиc(c) ^ a > 'feeling, sense', too, is often found in geminate form. LA'line; writing', xatti arabi ^ j - ^ L ^ 'Arabic script'; hob c-A 'pill, tablet', habbi sulfa < 51 ,„ L^'cough tablet'; had j-a. 'limit, boundary', haddi aksar j - l ^ l J ^ . 1^ Jja. halkunii namak 'dissolving salt, salt solution', but ^1 «ü_l ^u о J^a. /гаШ mas'alae 'a solution to the problem';fan 'technique, science', fannl 'scientific', etc.

Medial m is sometimes doubled: umed or ummed (often in poetry) 'hope'; and geminate r occurs regularly in a few words: arra '(hand)saw', farrux 'happy'. The consonant r is also doubled in some occurrences of a morph, but not others—before a vowel-initial suffix, in some nominals and monosyllabic verb Stems I ending in -r. 2). Affected are the verbsparidan 'to fly', buridan 'to cut', daridan 'to tear', caridan 'to graze'. The common verb xaridan 'to buy' is not affected. , in Cyrillic; the Perso-Arabic diacritic for reduplication, tasdid, is rarely used; see 1-13).

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A Tajik Persian Reference Grammar by John R. Perry

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