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New PDF release: A Survey of Combinatorial Theory

By Jagdish Srivastava

ISBN-10: 0720422620

ISBN-13: 9780720422627

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M. The edge joining the vertices / andj can then be denoted by the unordered pair ((/). Two edges have a common vertex if and only if the corresponding pairs have a common symbol. 1). 1) is the line graph of the complete graph Km. The case m < 6 was investigated by Shrikhande [1959a], and the case m = 7 by Hoffman [1960a]. 1) characterize the triangular association scheme T2(m) or the line graph of the complete graph Km. 1) do not characterize the line graph of Ks. It turns out that there are three other nonisomorphic graphs.

Hence the lines of IT are divisible into r+1 parallel classes such that any two lines intersect in a point or do not intersect according as they do not belong or belong to the same parallel class. Again two points are incident with exactly one line of Π, as the corresponding vertices are adjacent in exactly one of G and G. Hence Π is an affine plane. 7. Partial geometries The results of Connor and Brück were generalized by Bose [1963] who introduced the concept of partial geometries. A partial geometry (r, k91) is an incidence structure with two kinds of elements, "points" and "lines", satisfying the following axioms: Al.

6. Embedding theorems (A) A BIB design with parameters (v*9 ft*, r*9 /:*, A*) is an arrangement of v* treatments into ft* sets (called blocks) satisfying the following conditions: (i) Each block contains k* objects (all distinct). (ii) Each object occurs in r* blocks. (iii) Each pair of objects occurs together in exactly 2* blocks. A BIB design is called symmetric if v* = ft*, r* = k*. We can then say that it has parameters v*9 k*, A*. 1) where λ*(υ*-1) = k*(k*-l). e. λ*(ν* — 1) = k*(k* — l)9 can we embed it in a symmetric BIB design with parameters v*9 k*9 λ*.

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A Survey of Combinatorial Theory by Jagdish Srivastava

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