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Download PDF by Randolph Spears: A Short History of the American Navy

By Randolph Spears

Краткая история американского флота до начала 20 века.

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A SHORT HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN NAVY 40 men was from the host of volunteers. Among them were Lieut. James Lawrence and Midshipman. Thomas Macdonough. On the night of February 16, 1804, the little ketch appeared off Tripoli. She was piloted by a man who knew the harbor and talked the Tripoli tan language. In her hold were quantities of combustibles and her crew were under such an order as that which inspired the men who stormed Stony Point under ''Mad" Anthony Wayne they were told to use cold steel only.

Finally a hght that was travelling in a waving line, as if a man were running along the deck with it, was seen where the ketch was supposed to be. It disappeared almost as soon as seen, but the next instant a mighty flame shot high in air, for signal or sound to tell were hurled far through the night, followed by a heavy shock and a deafening roar. The ketch had grounded on a reef, and while held there was attacked by burning shells three gunboats. And when the pirates in overwhelming numbers came swarming over her rail, Somers fired the powder in her hold.

Moreover the British ship-owner was growing rich, now that his only competitor was being driven from the high seas. The ship-owner and the naval officer were entirely wilhng that found more pohcy profit in robbing of just the card-making workman should go to the poor-house. our over-sea commerce was nothing, and the enslavement of our seamen was a matter of small consequence, when they are compared with the degradation But the of loss of American manhood that followed on the pohcy that was To pursued.

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A Short History of the American Navy by Randolph Spears

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