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Download e-book for iPad: A Long-run Collaboration on Games With Long-run Patient by Drew Fudenberg, David K. Levine

By Drew Fudenberg, David K. Levine

ISBN-10: 9812818464

ISBN-13: 9789812818461

This e-book brings jointly the joint paintings of Drew Fudenberg and David Levine (through 2008) at the heavily attached issues of repeated video games and attractiveness results, besides similar papers on extra common matters in video game conception and dynamic video games. The unified presentation highlights the routine issues in their paintings.

Contents: Limits, Continuity and Robustness: ; Subgame-Perfect Equilibria of Finite- and Infinite-Horizon video games (D Fudenberg & D okay Levine); restrict video games and restrict Equilibria (D Fudenberg & D ok Levine); Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Equilibria in Dynamic video games with Many gamers (D Fudenberg & D ok Levine); Finite participant Approximations to a Continuum of avid gamers (D Fudenberg & D okay Levine); at the Robustness of Equilibrium Refinements (D Fudenberg et al.); whilst are Nonanonymous avid gamers Negligible? (D Fudenberg et al.); popularity results: ; popularity and Equilibrium choice in video games with a sufferer participant (D Fudenberg & D okay Levine); protecting a popularity whilst techniques are Imperfectly saw (D Fudenberg & D okay Levine); holding a name opposed to a Long-Lived Opponent (M Celentani et al.); while is recognition undesirable? (J Ely et al.); Repeated video games: ; the folks Theorem in Repeated video games with Discounting or with Incomplete info (D Fudenberg & E Maskin); the folks Theorem with Imperfect Public info (D Fudenberg et al.); potency and Observability with Long-Run and Short-Run gamers (D Fudenberg & D okay Levine); An Approximate people Theorem with Imperfect inner most info (D Fudenberg & D ok Levine); The Nash-Threats folks Theorem with conversation and Approximate universal wisdom in participant video games (D Fudenberg & D ok Levine); excellent Public Equilibria while gamers are sufferer (D Fudenberg et al.); non-stop closing dates of Repeated video games with Imperfect Public tracking (D Fudenberg & D okay Levine).

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A Long-run Collaboration on Games With Long-run Patient Players by Drew Fudenberg, David K. Levine

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