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Download e-book for iPad: A History of the Hebrew Language by Angel Sáenz-Badillos, John Elwolde, Shelomo Morag

By Angel Sáenz-Badillos, John Elwolde, Shelomo Morag

ISBN-10: 0521431573

ISBN-13: 9780521431576

A historical past of the Hebrew language is a accomplished description of Hebrew from its Semitic origins and the earliest payment of the Israelite tribes in Canaan to the current day. even supposing Hebrew is an oriental language, it truly is still heavily linked to Western tradition because the language of the Bible and was once utilized in writing by means of the Jews of Europe during the center a long time. It has additionally been newly revived nowa days because the language of the kingdom of Israel. Professor Angel Saenz-Badillos units Hebrew within the context of the Northwest Semitic languages and examines the origins of Hebrew and its earliest manifestations in historic biblical poetry, inscriptions, and prose written earlier than the Babylonian exile. He appears on the varied mediaeval traditions of printing classical biblical Hebrew texts and the attribute gains of the post-exilic language, together with the Hebrew of the useless Sea Scrolls. He supplies specific recognition to Rabbinic and mediaeval Hebrew, in particular as evidenced in writings from Spain. His survey concludes with the revival of the language this century within the type of Israeli Hebrew.

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Other studies, like that of M. Fraenkel,94 which follow in the path laid down by Moller, are excessively simplistic, limited to a rather crude, unscientific, comparison of vocabulary. L. Mayer,95 who, without employing the image of a family tree, examined the zones of contact between the two language groups, drawing attention to Akkadian-Hittite and Ugaritic-Hittite isoglosses, Semitic loanwords in Greek, and so on. We agree with his conclusion that it is becoming ever more likely that in prehistoric times groups of Indo-European and Semitic languages co-existed or at least existed in close proximity to one another, and that perhaps, after the completion of the necessary investigations, it might be possible to speak not of a ‫׳‬mother language‫( ׳‬in the sense intended by Ascoli, Moller, Pedersen, or Cuny), but of a range of isoglosses across the Indo-European and Semitic languages.

83 See Carr 1985,38f. L Moran's excellent article (1961). 85 These and other features have been highlighted since the 1960's by MJ. Dahood and his followers, who have published important studies about the relationship of Hebrew to the other Northwest Semitic languages, especially Phoenician and Ugaritic. see, for example, van Dijk 1968; Tromp 1969; Blommerde 1969; Dahood and Penar 1970; van der Weiden 1970; Sabottka 1972; Cathcart 1973, etc. However, Dahood's more extreme claims are largely rejected nowadays.

A. Rofd (1979) attempts a new approach, suggesting it is an example of the Midianite language, but this has aroused little interest. A. Kaufman (1980, 73) is unwilling to regard the language as Aramaic. A. Hackett (Carlton) presented a new reading of the fragments without many of the traditional 'Aramaisms‫׳‬, concluding that the text represents a Canaanite dialect. The published version (Hackett 1984), an exhaustive study of the text, develops the same argument - the dialect has Aramaic isoglosses, but is nearer to Southern Canaanite (p.

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A History of the Hebrew Language by Angel Sáenz-Badillos, John Elwolde, Shelomo Morag

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