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Oskar von Hinüber's A Handbook Pali Literature PDF

By Oskar von Hinüber

ISBN-10: 3110149923

ISBN-13: 9783110149920

The instruction manual surveys the total of Pali Theravada Buddhist literature (Ceylon, South East Asia). It studies past study within the box, after which concentrates on new methodological ways and a therapy of later Pali literature (after the 12th century).

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2 The Khandhaka 28. While the Suttavibhanga has grown around the Patimokkhasutta another important set of rules is found though not systematically arranged in the Khandhaka. -These_are_th~_KaIDll1ay'jica... 2,16) (Skt. Karmavakya), which exist as separate texts in an extremely broad manuscript tradition 52 • These rules have to be recited differenfIegal procedures of the salflgha such as is the ordination -in 50 51 52 v. Hiniiber 1976: 34. On the end of the order of nuns in India and Ceylon: Skilling 1993c = I 994b; 1993d: 217, 219 = 1993/4: 33, 34.

_-_ .... ~ - 67. Occasionally MN contains also Vinaya material, such as MN no. 104. Samagamasuttanta, which refers to Cullavagga IV. Samathakkhandhaka; MN no. 82. RaHhapalasuttanta, has been mentioned already (§ 23, cf. also § 74, 80). 68. re ab~~piin MN;ihoughdlsciisSWns 126 127 128 Skilling 198112. Schlingloff 1987. v. Hiniiber 1994a: 130. , in MN no. 56 Upalisuttanta 129 , or no. 57. Kukkuravatikasuttanta, where strange ascetic practices are described. It has never been really investigated in detail, though, which additional information can be found in MN, and how exactly both Nikayas relate to each other.

__ • • • Cf. §41 note 78. gMga~~:_fI<:~~. The Skt. l samaye bhagaviin ... viharati sma ... On the beginning of Vinaya texts: § 33. This is the nidiina and the puggala, Yin II 287,21. For references see v. l: Kolver 1992. It is not possible to benefit from Hoffmann 1992, 28 II. The Theravada Canon § 10-155 about-lOO-timesjnMN, while SN and ANare quite different. , and that these discourses are called veyyiikaralJa "explanation", and again not Suttanta 104. Quite unique is the end of the Mahaparinibbanasuttanta, which is an unusual text in many ways (§ 60): eva~ eta~ bhutapubban ti, DN II 167,21 "thus it was in former times", which is followed by verses (cf.

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A Handbook Pali Literature by Oskar von Hinüber

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