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A Grammar of Gujarati - download pdf or read online

By Raimond Doctor

ISBN-10: 3895863971

ISBN-13: 9783895863974

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In this sense Tajiki uses Aap. ' Favoring: Where English uses for and against, Tajiki uses Tapacl»Aop 'supporter' and 3HA 'contrary,' though to indicate support of a team �aBoAop 'fan' is used. There are many other idiomatic uses of for in English whose Tajiki equivalents you will have to learn individually. e. The preposition TO. The basic English equivalent of TO is 'until'; more precisely, TO is used to indicate the point up to which a condition holds, a movement takes place, or an action occurs.

If the direct object belongs to the recipient, the recipient is effectively indicated on the direct object and not on the verb. ' MaH 6a naAapaM KMTo6awpo AOAaM, 'I gave my father his book' Note: that is, someone else 's book, if the book has already been discussed and its owner clear from context; otherwise it means the book belongs to my father. For first and second person subjects, the object suffix cannot be of the same person. ),' and so on. It is possible for a verb to have both third person subject and object, but in that case they can only refer to different people.

IH KMT06x;o-po xOHAeA? D. "IH KMT06x;o xOHAeA? re than one book is in question (or that this is a reasonable expectahon given the conversation thus far), and the . ural�. ' is always definite). Thus, the exact sense of each question . each of the must be determined from context and by contrast WIth other questions, given the points above. Now, B and D (without -po) are almost identical in connotati�n; a plural inanimate noun indicates little more th� that tt:e gr�U? of things in question has more than one member, while the Indefinite marker does not materially alter this.

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