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By Peter Austin

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Hit-recip-pres’ nandramaliyi ‘to close-pass-pres’ ngandrawalkatharriyi Noun root + (derivation) + inflection 5. 6 Fast speech phenomena In fast fluent speech such as that characteristic of texts a number of assimilations and delections occur which are not heard when Diyari is dictated slowly word for word. 10) as a single unit. Auxiliaries beginning with wa, that is wanthi, wapa and warra, change this to [u] and contract with the preceding participal form of the stem, as in: ‘saw long ago’ nhayirna wanthiyi becoming [ṉʌiɳʌuṉṯi:] ‘saw recently’ nhayirna wapaya becoming [ṉʌiɳʌupʌiʌ] ‘saw just now’ nhayirna warayi becoming [ṉʌiɳʌuɾɛi] The future auxiliary ngana- loses its initial consonant and contracts with the preceding stem giving rise to a phonetic long vowel [ʌ:], as in ‘will see’ nhayilha nganayi becoming [ṉʌiḻʌ:nɛi].

I have not encountered *panimara in Diyari. 3 Location nominals. 4). On semantic grounds location nominals can be divided into those with temporal reference and those with spatial reference. 4. The spatial location nominals consist of the directional terms (note that yara and yarra are only used with verbs of motion or induced motion): thinankara ‘north’ 54 Chapter 3 Morphology kunankari ‘south’ yantakara ‘west’ thirriwa ‘east’ yara ‘this way (direction towards speaker)’ yarra ‘that way (direction away from speaker)’ and the roots nhaka ‘there’ and nhingki ‘here’.

Ta. dri. ‘sweet millet’ There is some internal and external evidence that historically this constraint did not always hold. The place name kirlanthupunha was translated by consultants as “cunt smoke”, but thupu is ‘smoke’ and kirla ‘vulva’. It is possible that kirla may have once ended in a nasal preserved in this place name. Also, there are Diyari words which have cognates with a final consonant in other Australian languages, for example ngantya ‘saliva’ cognate with Ngiyampaa ngantyar ‘saliva’ (Donaldson 1980:47)).

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