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Download e-book for iPad: A Commentary on Livy: books 1-5 by R.M. Ogilvie

By R.M. Ogilvie

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A th. 52 ld . 5 offers a novel tw ist, unfortunately not attested elsewhere: μή θάψητέ μ ε , μ ή μιάνητε τήν γήν, αλλά τό άσεβϊς καταποντώοατε σώμα. 55 R ightly (ag ain st B ow ra an d E hrenberg) G. C erri in G n o li/V ern an t, 121-31. 48 Miasma Birth and Death sa c re d plate. Sophocles m ay o f course have believed, in advance o f his age, th a t p unitive action against the corpse is in all circ u m sta n ces a n outrage, b u t the m oral prem iss o f the play d o es no t seem to be th a t ‘even traitors are hum an, and deserve a m in im u m o f re sp ect’.

78 C lo th in g m ad e from d e a d anim als: θνηαείόιη, cf. , Pl. Leg. 23 leather san d als perm itted only if m ade from sacrificial a n im a ls (d e a th by sacrifice no longer counts as d eath, X en. Λ nab. 35); tanner 53 im p u re , A rtem id . 51, p. 4 Pack; for Rom e cf. O v. Fast. v . morticinus. B are feet are often required for ritual, b u t not necessarily for this reason (J. H eck e n b ach , De nuditate sacra sacrisque vinculis, G iessen, 1911, ( R G W IX . 3). 2 3 -3 1 ). , 23. 79 L S C G 154 B 24—32: cf.

89 In draw ing a tte n ­ tion to the d irtin ess o f the im pure, T ylor was p erhaps indicating n o t, as he su p p o sed , the real basis o f such im purity, bu t the co n c rete vehicle th ro u g h w hich m ore ab stra ct realities were conveyed. 90 I t is obvious, for instance, th a t in G reece the blood on th e m u rd e re r’s h an d s clings th ere because of the act he has co m m itte d : crim e, no t dirt, is at issue. T h a t is perhaps an e x tre m e case, a n d w e need not suppose th at physical pollution alw ay s bears so heavy a m etaphorical burden; b u t it w ould be cu rio u s if th e p o llu tio n o f corpse an d m other did indeed derive 88 E·.

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A Commentary on Livy: books 1-5 by R.M. Ogilvie

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