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Download e-book for iPad: A Calculus of Distributed and Parallel Processes by Clemens H. Cap

By Clemens H. Cap

ISBN-10: 3322867633

ISBN-13: 9783322867636

ISBN-10: 332286765X

ISBN-13: 9783322867650

This ebook introduces a technique calculus for parallel, disbursed and reactive platforms. It describes the conceptual foundations in addition to the mathematical idea at the back of a programming language, and a couple of software examples. the selected procedure presents a framework for knowing the semantics of parallel and allotted platforms. furthermore, it may be at once utilized to functional difficulties.

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4. 7: Clock. Determinism and codeterminism guarantee that the time in which the state changes of a transition system are observed is locally linear: Due to determinism, time may not split into several different futures, due to codeterminsim several different pasts may not join to form a single present. Our intuitive notion of time also includes a global ordering: A moment in the past lies in the past and may never come again in the future. 8: Causality. A is a possible cause for B, since state A always precedes state B.

46 Chapter 2. Transition Systems 27 Definition ISOMORPHISM OF BEHAVIOURS Let P = (8, T, -+) be a process. , J}) and (82 , T 2,-+2 ,n,jf) are called isomorphic, iff there exist bijections us: 8 1 -+ 8 2 and 'liT: Tl -+ T 2, such that t \IX, X' E 81, tET1: X-+ 1 X ' \IX E 8 1 : f~(us(X)) \It E T l : fj,(UT(t)) ¢:} UT(t) I us(X) -+2US(X) = fHX) = f}(t) ... The isomorphism of behaviours is an equivalence relation. Hence, we may study its quotient: QUOTIENT 28 Definition The quotient of all behaviours of a process P is the set of all equivalence classes of its behaviours under the relation of behavioural isomorphism.

Of course one might implement a process where two events a and b may take place in parallel by a process where a happens before b - or even by a process which non-deterministically chooses between the two execution sequences a * band b * a. However, these three processes should not be considered equal. e. after the non-deterministic choice has been made. For arbitrary events a and b, one of the two events did occur earlier than the other. In distributed systems, this is an unpleasant and not realistic property: Practical experience with distributed systems tells us that it is extremely difficult to synchronize the clocks of two computers which are located at different sites to a sufficient degree of accuracy, [MuI93], [Lam78].

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A Calculus of Distributed and Parallel Processes by Clemens H. Cap

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