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By Elihu Abrahams

ISBN-10: 9814299065

ISBN-13: 9789814299060

ISBN-10: 9814299073

ISBN-13: 9789814299077

In his groundbreaking paper Absence of diffusion in convinced random lattices (1958) , Philip W Anderson originated, defined and built the actual ideas underlying the phenomenon of the localization of quantum gadgets as a result of affliction. Anderson's 1977 Nobel Prize quotation featured that paper, which was once basic for lots of next advancements in condensed subject physics and technical functions. After greater than a part century, the topic is still of basic value. specifically, within the final 25 years, the phenomenon of localization has proved to be the most important for the knowledge of the quantum corridor impact, mesoscopic fluctuations in small conductors, a few features of quantum chaotic habit, and the localization and collective modes of electromagnetic and subject waves. This particular and priceless quantity celebrates the 5 many years of the influence of Anderson localization on sleek physics. as well as the historic viewpoint on its foundation, the amount offers a accomplished description of the experimental and theoretical features of Anderson localization, including its software in a number of parts, which come with disordered metals and the steel insulator transition, mesoscopic physics, classical platforms and light-weight, strongly-correlated structures, and mathematical types.

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