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50 Religion Ideas You Really Need to Know by Peter Stanford PDF

By Peter Stanford

Regardless of common prognostications concerning the 'death of God' and the triumph of secular materialism, faith is still a significant part within the lives of most folks all over the world. There are at the moment considered 2 billion Christians, 1.2 billion Muslims, 800 million Hindus, in addition to a few seven-hundred million fans of alternative religions.

Religion: 50 rules you really want to understand deals a transparent course throughout the conceptual and denominational thickets of world faith. Award-winning spiritual affairs correspondent Peter Stanford starts with an exam of sacred texts, the divine precept and stable and evil, prior to relocating directly to a dialogue of the several traditions inside of Christianity, Islam, Judaism and the myriad customs of the East.

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I was in and out of consciousness. I felt weightless, as if my mind had no connection with my body. However, about ten minutes down the road, a slight throbbing began. At first, I became aware of a tiny pain in my left arm. Then my left leg throbbed. My head started to ache. Within minutes I hurt in so many places, I couldn舗t localize any of it. My entire body groaned in agony and screamed for relief. The full force of the trauma invaded my body. It felt as if every part of my body had been wounded, punched, or beaten.

She teaches school, and someone had called the school to tell her about the accident. Someone else called the schools where our three children attended. Church members picked up our children and took them to their homes to keep them until they heard from Eva. No one knew then that I had died hours earlier. For the first hours after I returned to earth, they had no idea how extensive my injuries were. Even though they knew nothing specific, church people began to pray for my recovery. They called others to join with them.

The farther I walked, the brighter the light. The light engulfed me, and I had the sense that I was being ushered into the presence of God. Although our earthly eyes must gradually adjust to light or darkness, my heavenly eyes saw with absolute ease. In heaven, each of our senses is immeasurably heightened to take it all in. And what a sensory celebration! A holy awe came over me as I stepped forward. I had no idea what lay ahead, but I sensed that with each step I took, it would grow more wondrous.

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50 Religion Ideas You Really Need to Know by Peter Stanford

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