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New PDF release: 2001: L'odyssée de l'espace (Cycle des Odyssées de l’espace,

By Arthur C. Clarke

2001 : L'Odyssée de l'espace (titre unique : 2001: an area Odyssey) est un roman de science-fiction écrit en 1968 par Arthur C. Clarke parallèlement au tournage du movie de Stanley Kubrick, 2001, l'Odyssée de l'espace.

L'histoire est basée sur plusieurs nouvelles d'Arthur C. Clarke dont notamment l. a. Sentinelle (1951). Le roman a ecu trois suites formant les Odyssées de l'espace.

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And before them, grey-faced, shuddering with cold and not noticing it, drugged with a sick horror, stood Balin. He looked around once, and did not speak. Stark was set on his feet, with Ciara beside him. He saw her face, and it was terrible to see the fear in her eyes, that had never shown fear before. He himself was learning why men went mad beyond the Gates of Death. Chill, dreadful fingers touched him expertly. A flash of pain drove down his spine, and he could stand again. The seven who sat in the high seats were motionless, their bright tendrils stirring with infinite delicacy as though they studied the three humans who stood before them.

The deep song of the rams shook the very stones. The iron42 | LEIGH BRACKETT sheathed timbers of the gate gave back an answering scream, and toward the end all other sounds grew hushed. The nobles came down slowly from the Wall and mounted, and sat waiting. There were fewer of them now. Their bright armor was dented and stained, and their faces had a pallor on them. One last hammer-stroke of the rams. With a bitter shriek the weakened bolts tore out, and the great gate was broken through. The nobles of Kushat made their first, and final charge.

He could 62 | LEIGH BRACKETT see the blurred tops of delicate minarets, the clustering roofs that shone like chips of diamond. Above him was an ice roof. Elfin spires rose toward it, delicate as needles. Lacy battlements and little domes, buildings starshaped, wheel-shaped, the fantastic, lovely shapes of snow-crystals, frosted over with a sparkling foam of light. The people of the city gathered along the way to watch, a living, shifting rainbow of amethyst and rose and green, against the pure blue-white.

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2001: L'odyssée de l'espace (Cycle des Odyssées de l’espace, Livre 1) by Arthur C. Clarke

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